Plan, Prepare, Represent

What is a Tax Attorney?

In conjunction with your CPA, tax attorneys are lawyers who specialize in the complicated field of tax law where penalties for mistakes can be serious.

What could happen to me if I ingore the IRS?

Without sufficiently handling any issues with the IRS, you could have your assets seized by the IRS, they could possibly garnish your wages, place a lien on your property (including your home or car), or in extreme situations you could face criminal arrest. It is extremely important when the IRS believes that you have violated the tax code that you employ an attorney that has experience in this field of law and can advise you with adequate representation in a timely manner.

When do you need a Tax Attorney?

If you have found yourself facing any of the following circumstances, a Tax Planning Attorney with a background in accounting should be involved in the process of your tax planning needs:

  • If you have a taxable estate and need to file an estate tax return
  • If you are in the beginning stages of organizing a business
  • If you are in the stages of business succession planning
  • You are under criminal investigation with the IRS or have committed a tax fraud
  • You have one or several years of income tax returns that need to be filed

Admitted into the United States Tax Court and licensed in 1981, Attorney Earl J. Rice has represented clients throughout Ohio that are facing IRS tax liabilities and tax penalties.  Our office assists with clients facing delinquent tax returns and will reduce or eliminate tax liability issues with the IRS such as:

  • Audits, Failure to File, Late filing or payment penalties
  • Payroll tax penalties
  • Ohio sales tax penalties
  • Responsible person penalties  

Along with the legal counseling of tax codes, we also serve our clients with our internal tax preparation services for the following taxable types:

  • Individual
  • Estate
  • Trusts
  • LLC’s
  • Corporations